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I feel bad for the Heat!

I feel bad for the Heat right now. They just can't buy a win right now. They have lost 12 straight, and I thought they were gonna beat Portland when they were on a roll in the 3rd quarter, but it was not to be. Not even D-Wade's 37 points could stop the skid. Miami Sports sucks lately. The Dolphins, Heat, Marlins, and the Miami Hurricanes in football have been crap lately.
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NY Jets 2007 Season Review.

What a disappointing season. I thought we were going to be good, but we weren't. Both of the lines have been atrocius. We couldn't get a sack if their lived depended on it, we had 29 as a team, and the O-line couldn't protect poor Chad Pennington, and Kellen Clemens from getting pounded every game. We have allowed 53 sacks. YUCK!

Thomas Jones had a couple good games, but he only got 1 rushing TD, and that was against the lowly Dolphins. He did get 1119 yards though. Leon Washington, I guarantee yall he will be a star. He's always a threat to take it the distance of KO returns, and his 3 return TDs show it. I still don't understand why he was underused.

Jerricho Cotchery & Laveranues Coles have been great this season, even if the QBs were getting pounded. Cotchery caught 82 for 1130 yards and 2 touchdowns! Coles had 55 for 546 yards and 6 TDs. Also, Brad Smith will be an extremely useful weapon, a could nice reverses, and not to mention some great catches.

Justin McCareins, what an idiot! He dropped quite a few crucial catches, including one of them that cost us the Ravens game! RELEASE THIS BUM!

Chris Baker showing why he's an underrated TE. This guy needs some credit, he's made a lot of clutch catches for us throughout his whole career.

Now to the defense. David Harris is another young stud! If it wasn't for the Jets bad record, he or Darelle Revis would have been the DROY. Instead it went to Patrick Willis of the 49ers. When Justin Miller went down, Hank Poteat and Abram Elam were starting. Those 2 have no business starting in the league. Especially you Abram Elam! You cost us the 2nd Bills game! You hit Revis, and the Bills WR (I think it was Lee Evans) caught the ball, and put the game out of reach and made it 13-3.

The highlight of the season was obviously the win vs the Steelers. Many were picking the Steelers to rout the Jets, but we sent them packing in OT.

2007 Jets season grade - D+.

Let's hope 2008 is better. Go Jets!

P.S. The Jets Flight Girls are hot.
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Posted on: January 15, 2008 5:13 pm

Off Topic: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicle

I watched the 1st 2 episodes, and I'm digging it so far. Who else likes it?
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What is up with the NY Rangers?

New York Rangers, what's up lately? Why are we underachieving? We lost 6 of our last 7, just lost to the Penguins BIG TIME on National TV. This can't be. Seriously, this is Bull Crap. We have Stanley Cup talent, and we can't get it done period!!!!!!!
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